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Possible Topics

US History

Thurgood Marshall: Taking a Stand in Court Against Segregation 

Muhammad Ali: Taking a Stand Against the Vietnam War 

The Pullman Strike of 1894: Taking a Stand for the Workers       


European History 

Standing Against the Enemy: Sir Francis Drake at Cadiz

Sophie Scholl and Her Stand Against Hitler

The Yalta Agreement: Taking a Stand on a Post-War World

A King Stands for Unity: King Henry IV and the Edict of Nantes

Galileo’s Stand Against the Church


World History 

Taking a Stand Against the Emperor: Brutus vs. Caesar 

The Rise of Communism in China: Mao Zedong

Standing for Women in Government: Indira Gandhi

Toussaint L’Ouverture and the Haitian Revolution


CREDO Reference Online

History in Dispute

GALE's History in Dispute addresses heavily debated questions by offering different critical perspectives on major historical events, drawn from all time periods and from all parts of the globe. Provides students with an enhanced understanding of events only summarized in history texts, helps stimulate critical thinking and provides ideas for papers and assignments.  

Each volume includes as many as forty pro and con articles on subtopics.  Individual volumes include an extensive bibligraphy ("References"), contributor notes, and an index.  The following are direct links to the contents for each volume.  Each topic within the contents is a direct link to pro and con articles.  Simply scan topics and then click on one of interest to view full text of an article.

HIGHLY RECOMMENDED  [Scroll down to select a link]


General and subject encyclopedias can often be good starting points for exploring a possible topic for research.  Major articles will most likely be in an alphabetical arrangement.  However, also use the index (usually in the last volume) to discover references.  CREDO Reference Online contains many 1 or 2 volume encyclopedias on many different subjects.

The results from conducting a "Word or Phrase" search in the Library Catalog can be visually scanned before selecting one or more bibliographic records to view.  You can limit a search to a location [i.e. E-book, STACKS, etc.].  When viewing printed books or e-books note the works that are included in the bibliography.  

Research Library at ProQuest can also be useful for topic exploration.  Upon entering your search terms and displaying the results ProQuest provides a number of suggested subjects based on your initial search.  This may be helpful for identifying terms that are best to use for the highest level of specificity.

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