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Faculty Resources


To our esteemed colleagues at LaGrange College,

As you all are well aware, many students struggle to find and evaluate credible, relevant, and valuable sources for their papers and projects. 

If you find that your students are struggling to evaluate the sources that they find, please take advantage of this Faculty Information Literacy Toolkit, located here. Linked to this LibGuide are worksheets, checklists, videos, presentations, and activities that you can use in your classes for helping students evaluate sources as they conduct their research.

Please don't hesitate to contact your library liaison with any questions about these tools or if you would like to schedule a library instruction session for your class conducted by your library liaison. Thank you!


The Lewis Library Faculty


The CRAAP Test

Scholarly vs. Popular: What's the Difference?

The following video tutorial will help students better understand the difference between these two types of sources, and assist in determining what types of sources are appropriate for their research or assignment. This video is from Wayne State University Libraries.

Finding Scholarly Sources

The Scholarly Source Checklist (link above) helps students to evaluate a source to determine if it is a scholarly or popular source. This works well for freshman courses and those who are writing within their major! Feel free to print and pass out to your class or to those students who struggle with identifying scholarly sources.

Plagiarism 2.0

The video clip above comes from Films on Demand, a database subscription provided to the students, faculty, and staff of LaGrange College by the Lewis Library.

Other resources

Students can also check out the Evaluating Sources tab on the Cornerstone LibGuide. Here they will find even more information on how to identify a scholarly source.

Primary and Secondary Sources

The video below comes from the Imagine Easy Solutions YouTube channel, linked here. 

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