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History of England (Part I): DVDs

Selected DVD Titles

A "movie" is designated as "Motion Picture."

Battle of Mortimers Cross (Re-enactment)
DVD DA16 .B383 1987

Becket (Motion Picture)
DVD PN1997 .B385 2007

The Black Rose (Motion Picture)
DVD PN1997 .B554 2007

Civil Strife 
DVD DA10.5 .C58 2007

Cromwell (Motion Picture)
DVD PN1997 .C8342 2003

Elizabeth (Motion Picture)
DVD PN1997 .E648 2007

DVD DA355 .E488 2002

Elizabeth R  (Motion Picture/TV)
DVD PN1997 .E513 2001

The English Parish Church through the Centuries
DVD BR115 .C8 E54 2000

The Famous History of the Life of King Henry the Eight (BBC)
DVD PR2817 .A200 H57 2000

Great Kings of England : King Alfred the Great
DVD DA28.1 .G74 2007 v.1 

Great Kings of England : William the Conqueror
DVD DA28.1 .G74 2007 v.2

Great Kings of England : Richard the Lionheart
DVD DA28.1 .G74 2007 v.3

Great Kings of England : King Henry VIII
DVD DA28.1 .G74 2007 v.4

Great Kings of England : King Charles I
DVD DA28.1 .G74 2007 v.5

Great Queens of England : Boudicca of the Iceni
DVD DA28.1 .G743 2007 v.1

Henry V (Motion Picture)
DVD PR2812 .A233 H4 2000

Henry V (BBC)
DVD PR2812 .A200 2000

History of Britain
DVD DA16 .H577 2002 v.1-v.3

History's Ancient Legacies III : Dark Age England
DVD D30 .H653 2001 v.3-4

History's Ancient Legacies II
DVD D30 .H652 2001 v.5-6

John Wycliffe : the morning star 
DVD BX4905 .J68

King Arhtur's Britain 
DVD DA152.5 .A700 K56 2005

King Arthur (Motion Picture)
DVD PN1997 .K554 2004

King Richard II (Motion Picture)
DVD PR2820 .K622 2000

Kings and Queens of England : The Anglo-Saxons to Elizabeth I
DVDE DA28.1 .M344 1995 v.1

Kings and Queens of England : The 16th Cenbtury to the House of Windsor
DVD DA28.1 .M344 1995 v.2

The Legions of Rome
DVD DG211 .L532 2001 v.1-v.3

The Life and Death of King John (BBC)
DVD PR2818 .A200 K65 2000

Life in Anglo-Saxon Times
DVD DA110 .L733 2006 v.1

The Lion in Winter (Motion Picture)
DVD PN1997 .L678 2004

Living in the Past
DVD DA110 .L733 2006 v.1

A Man For All Seasons (Motion Picture)
DVD PN1997 .MN233 2006

Medieval Warfare
DVD D104.5 .M44 2007 v.1

The Normans : the complete epic sagaDVD D148 .N67 2008

The Reckoning (Motion Picture)
DVD PN1997 .R478 2004

Richard III (BBC TV)
DVD PR2821 .A200 S833 2000

The Second Part of Henry the Sixth (BBC)
DVD PR2815 .A200 H51 2000

The Story of Medieval England : From King Arthur to the Tudor Conquest
DVD DA129 .P38 2010 v.1-v.3
   Guide Book: CD DA130 .P345 2010 Guide

The Third Part of Henry the Sixth (BBC)
DVD PR2816 .A200 H49 2000

The Tower
DVD DA687 .T7 T69 2007 

The Tudors.  The Complete Season (Motion Picture/TV)
DVD PN1992.5 .T93 2007 v.1 & v.2

Viking Wars : the Norse terror
DVD DL65 .V524 2009

The Wars of Roses : To Bosworth Field
DVD D104.5 .M44 2007 v.3

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