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HIST 1101: World Civilization I (To-1660): Books, E-books, DVDs

An online research guide for students enrolled in World Civilization 1 at LaGrange College. Features recommended resources and tips for accessing library materials related to this course.

In the Stacks

When browsing in the stacks, look for items on the shelf close to the following suggested books:

Find Books, Ebooks, DVD's, and More!

Lewis Library Catalog



There are many ways to search the library's catalog online!


  • You may search for books from the LIBRARY CATALOG link located on Lewis Library's Homepage.
  • Once you have selected a book, write down the call number (i.e. TR 15 .R57 2007) and search in the stacks by browsing call numbers.
  • Remember to look at the books near the book you are looking for if you need more than one. Books are grouped together by subject!
  • Books can be checked out at the circulation desk on the main floor. Remember, reference books are for in-library use only!


  • When searching for E-books for this course, go to the LIBRARY CATALOG
  • Then, LIMIT your search to the location "E-Book" to retrieve electronic books only.

Looking for a Book the library doesn't own?

See the Reference and Interlibrary Loan Librarian, Arthur Robinson, to inquire about requesting books or articles from other libraries that Lewis Library does not own or have access to. To place an ILL request, fill out an ILL book or article form at the Reference or Circulation desks on the main floor of Lewis Library; or use the links below to submit ILL requests by e-mail:

Recommended Books for World Civilizations I

  • Great Events from History :The Middle Ages 477-1453      
    • D119 .G74 2005
  • Great Events from History: the Renaissance & early modern era, 1454-1600                                   
    • D228 .G73 2005
  • Encyclopedia of the Renaissance and the Reformation
    • CB359 .B477 2004
  • The Oxford History of Western Music                                 
    • ML160 .T188 2005
  • The Oxford History of Byzantium                                        
    • DF552 .O944 2002
  • The Oxford History of the Roman World                             
    • DG231 .O944 2001
  • The Oxford History of Ancient Egypt                                               
    • DT83 .O955 2000
  • The Oxford History of Islam                                                 
    • BP50 .O955 1999
  • The Oxford History of the Classical World                          
    • DE59 .O94 1986
  • The Oxford Illustrated History of Medieval Europe            
    • D102 .O94 1988
  • The Cambridge Illustrated History of Ancient Greece        
    • DF77 .C32 1998
  • The Cambridge Illustrated History of the Roman World   
    • DG209 .C36 2003
  • The Cambridge History of Egypt                                          
    • DT94 .C366 1998
  • The Cambridge Illustrated History of China                                   
    • DS706 .E377 1996
  • The New Cambridge Medieval History                                 
    • D117 .C300 1995
  • The Cambridge Ancient History                                           
    • D57 .C252

Recommended DVDs for World Civilizations I

The following DVDs are all located on the top (3rd) floor of Lewis Library,

in the DVD section:

  • History’s Turning Points                                              

    • DVD D21 .H571 2002
  • The Conquerors                                                              
    • DVD D21.3 .C666 2005
  • War and Civilization                                                      
    • DVD D25 .W37 2007
  • History’s Ancient Legacies                                           
    • DVD D30 .H651 2001
  • Egypt Uncovered                                                            
    • DVD DT60 .E39 2010
  • Experiencing Rome                                                        
    • DVD DG270 .T911 2009
  • The Medieval World                                                      
    • DVD CB350 .M44 2009
  • When the Moors Ruled Europe                                
    • DVD DP99 .W43 2008
  • The Dark Ages                                                                  
    • DVD D121 .D37 2007
  • Decisive Battles.  The Ancient World                      
    • DVD U29 .D43 2006
  • The Greeks                                                                        
    • DVD DF78 .G766 2005
  • The Plague                                                                         
    • DVD RC178 .A1 P53 2005
  • The Crusades                                                                    
    • DVD D157 .C764 2005
  • The Ottoman Empire                                                     
    • DVD DR486 .O899 2004
  • Alexander the Great                                                       
    • DVD DF234 .A45 2004
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