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Art & Design: Graphic Design

An online guide containing resources for students enrolled in Art & Design courses at LaGrange College.

In the Stacks

Try these recommended books, located on either the top (3rd) floor OR bottom (1st) floor of your library.

Finding Books for Graphic Design

Click to visit the LIBRARY CATALOG or use this search box:

Lewis Library Online Catalog

  • Graphic Design books can be found on both the 1st and 3rd floors of Lewis Library since their call numbers may fall in either the N's (for Art) or the Z's (for Books).  
  • For Graphic Design-related Books on the 3rd floor, look for call numbers between NC 845 - NC 1940. 
  • For Graphic Design-related Books on the 1st floor, look for call numbers between Z 4 - Z659.

Tools for Finding Images

Graphic Design students who enjoy working from already existing images or media should consult the Copyright tab on this guide. The copyright guide includes tips on finding and re-using images legally. Use the links in the copyright guide under "Creative Commons" for recommended sources of images that are either free to use. Read about CC licenses to learn about how to find and use this type of media for your own creations! Watch the creative commons videos to learn even more. You may be interested in licensing your own graphic design works under CC licenses as well. Further tips in the copyright guide explain Fair Use and Public Domain material too! Don't miss out on this valuable resource for artists like yourself...

Video Spotlight: Photoshop Photo Manipulation Tutorial

Video Spotlight: Wrap a Texture or Pattern around an Object

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