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Art & Design: Reference

An online guide containing resources for students enrolled in Art & Design courses at LaGrange College.

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Reference books are on the main level, behind the reference desk.  Art books are mostly in the N area.

Some books will be shelved in other areas, for example:

·         AM - books on Museums

·         TR - photography

·         CC - archaeology

Reference books on broader topics, but including coverage of art, will be shelved elsewhere; for example, some books on Egypt in the DTs will have articles on Egyptian art.  Ask the reference librarian for suggestions depending on what you’re looking for (Greek art, medieval art, Renaissance art, etc.).

The following is a list of some books that may be of interest; it is not exhaustive.  

We urge you to browse the shelves in the N’s.

  • Encyclopedia of World Art.  

    • REF N 31 .E55

        (17 volumes;  the index for this is in volume XV)
  • Dictionary of Art (Grove)  

    • REF N 31 .D500 1996

       (34 vols.; text available also in Oxford Art Online in GALILEO)
  • Arts & Humanities through the Ages 

    • REF NX 440 .A787 2005

       (5 vols.)
  • Praeger Encyclopedia of Art.  

    • REF N 33 .P68

       (5 vols.)
  • McGraw-Hill Dictionary of Art.  

    • REF N 33 .M23

       (5 vols.)
  • Oxford Companion to Western Art.  

    • REF N 33 .O923 2001

  • Oxford History of Western Art.  

    • REF N 5300 .O966 2000

  • Larousse Encyclopedia of Prehistoric and Ancient Art  

    • REF N 5300 .H953

  • The Grove Encyclopedia of Classical Art and Architecture 

    • REF N 5610 .G76 2007

  • The Seventy Wonders of the Ancient World:  The Great Monuments… 

    • REF NA 210 .S488 1999

  • The Encyclopedia of Ancient Egyptian Architecture 

    • REF NA 215 .A7513 2003

  • Medieval Art  

    • REF N 7850 .R677 1996

  • Renaissance Art  

    • REF N 6370 .E27 1987

  • Encyclopedia of Italian Renaissance & Mannerist Art  

    • REF N 6370 .E533 1999

  • Italian Painting 

    • REF ND 622 .V4

  • Spanish Painting 

    • REF ND 801 .L343

  • Encyclopedia of Latin American & Caribbean Art  

    • REF N 6502 .E533 1999

  • Art and Artists in the 20th Century  

    • REF N 33 .P744 2000

  • Encyclopedia of Sculpture  

    • REF NB 198 .E533 2004

  • Encyclopedia of 20th-Century Architecture  

    • REF NA 680 .E495 2004

You will find a series beginning at REF ND 75 on painting of different civilizations, arranged chronologically (Egyptian Painting, Greek Painting, etc., through XIX Century).

Electronic Reference

You may want to try Oxford Art Online, which has many art resources (including full text for the Grove Dictionary of Art and The Oxford Companion to Western Art).

Featured Reference

The following books are in the Reference section:

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