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Reference Guide: FAQs

This guide serves as the home page for all things Reference at Lewis Library. Meet your reference librarians, learn about reference services available to you, and check out suggested resources and guides all from this page!

Frequently Asked Questions

Update May 2020:  see this page for information on interlibrary loan services during the COVID-19 crisis.


What is interlibrary loan?

Interlibrary loan (ILL) is a service by which you can borrow books, or obtain copies of journal or magazine articles, from other libraries if they’re not available in our library.


Who can use interlibrary loan?

Only currently-enrolled LaGrange College students, faculty, and staff are eligible to use Lewis Library’s ILL services.  Alumni and others should go to their local public library to make ILL requests.


How can I request ILL?

You can request ILL books and articles:

  • Through GALILEO (if you’re using the Discovery Service, you’ll see a “Request this item through interlibrary loan” link).
  • Through the online form (send the request from your lagrange.edu e-mail; be sure to give full citations for articles--if possible, paste the citation from a database). 


Is there a charge for ILL?

Normally, ILL is free; Lewis Library will pay the first $10 per request for undergraduates, and $15 for faculty, staff, and graduate students.  If the only libraries that have an item charge more than this, we’ll contact you to ask whether you’re willing to pay the difference.  You will never have to pay unless you've agreed to do so.


How long does ILL take?

That depends on the lending library (and the mail).  We usually transmit requests the day we receive them. You should try to allow two weeks; if you need something sooner, talk with the ILL librarian, who will check whether the item is at a library that normally supplies materials quickly. 

***COVID NOTE: Please allow extra time as many institutions are currently not lending materials at this time.***


How will I know when my book or article is available?

We’ll e-mail you as soon as each ILL item arrives, or if we're unable to obtain it.  If you prefer us to phone, please let us know.  If you want to check on the status of your request, e-mail us.  You can pick up ILL books and articles at the circulation desk of Lewis Library.


How long can I keep ILL books?  Can I renew them?

Again, this depends on the lending library.  Most libraries lend books for three or four weeks; some have longer loan periods, a few have shorter.  You can request renewal once (unless the book band says “No renewal”).   Most libraries will renew books once, but some won’t.  You can request renewal by email.  You cannot request a second renewal.


Is there a fine for overdue ILL books?

Yes, there's a fine of $2 per day per book for students, so please note the due date on the book band, and request renewal on or before the due date. 


Do I have to return ILL articles?

No, you can keep articles (or photocopies of book chapters etc.). But please don’t share PDFs with others. ILL articles are intended for private study and personal research, and may be protected by Copyright law (Title 17, US code).  For more information on copyright, see this guide.   


Is there a limit to the number of requests I can make?

We’ll transmit a maximum of ten requests per week.  If you request more than ten items, please prioritize them; we’ll request the first ten immediately, the next ten at the beginning of the following week (usually Monday morning).


 Can I request a book on interlibrary loan if the LaGrange College library owns it?

Yes, if our copy has been checked out or we can't find it on the shelf, we'll be happy to order a copy for you from another library.


Are there things I can’t request on ILL?

The following can’t be requested on ILL:

·       DVDs, CDs, or other audio-visual or electronic materials (such as entire e-books and books on tape)

  •  Textbooks required for a current class

·       Books published before 1800 (unless reprinted or available on microfilm).  Some books published before 1800 may be available on the web from Google Books.

·       Items not available from any library in the USA

·       Entire issues of periodicals (or bound volumes)

·       Unpublished works, such as conference papers (unless available as ERIC documents)

·       We can’t request more than one article on ILL from any given issue of a periodical.  If you need multiple articles from the same issue, see the ILL librarian, who will discuss the options.

·       We normally can’t borrow reference books or genealogy books on ILL, but we can request a scan of the part you need (e.g., an encyclopedia entry, information on a specific person in a genealogy book).  See the ILL librarian for details.

Some items, such as dissertations, microfilm, and books that have just been published, may not be obtainable; but you can request them, and we’ll borrow them if we can.  (As of March 2020, our microfilm machine can't print; but you can read microfilm on it, and take pictures with your phone.)

If you have questions that aren't answered here, please e-mail us!


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