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Miscellaneous Items: Miscellaneous Items

Smith Hall Die

This die depicts a wonderful view of Smith Hall, complete with wisteria on the Four Apostles, or four pillars in the front.  This would date it to before the renovation of Smith in the 1970's when the wisteria was eliminated.  The die is brass and the protector made from some sort of resin.  More research is being conducted to discover the origins of this die. Right mouse click to see larger version.


WASC Diary for 1945

This small, red book was found tucked away in a recently discovered box of photographs & opens a small window on American military personnel who served during WWII in China.


"The War Area Service Corps (WASC) is that branch of the Chinese National Military Council whose principal function is to provide and maintain facilities for the care of our Allied Forces detailed to China to fight shoulder to shoulder with us.
Under the direction of Major General J.L. Huang, the WASC operated a chain of hostels throughout Free China.  The National Headquarters is located in Chunking;  but for efficient administrative purposes these hostels are crouped into various districts each under the supervision of a district director.

The following is a list of services which the WASC has been rendering to our Allied personnels during the past seven and half years of war:





Recommending of Chinese Personnels

Traiing of Chinese Interpreters

Issuing of WASC Daily Bulletin

Editing  of WASC Information Booklet

Conducting of Classes in Chinese

Arrangement of Parties for Social Gatherings or for Festivals

Liaison with the Chinese and Allied Officials

Organizing Lectures, concerts, Dramatics and Art Exhibits

Rendering Religious and Medical Services

The Purpose of the WASC is to make living conditions in China as near as possible like those enjoyed at home.  While the task is at best difficult yet every effort is being made to give our comrades-at-arms who come from countries wherein habits and customs are quite different from those of the Chinese and the comfort and feelings of



 Sample Pages and Insert



Dobbs Brick

In 1970 historic 119-year-old Dobbs Hall was destroyed by fire; the previous building on the site was severely damaged by another fire in 1860.  Many valuable records were lost in the destructive fires and the bricks were the only things that remained.

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