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Musical Theatre: Performance


Some resources on performance and auditioning, mainly from the MT area on the upper level of Lewis Library:

  • Hurwitz, Nathaniel.  Songwriters of the American Musical Theatre:  A Style Guide for Singers.  (MT956 .H87 2017)
  • Church, Joseph.  Music Direction for the Stage:  A View from the Podium.  Oxford University Press, 2015.  (MT955 .C59 2015; also available as an e-book)
  • Clark, Mark Ross.  The Broadway Song:  A Singer’s Guide. Oxford University Press, 2015. (MT956 .C63 2015; also as e-book)
  • Craig, David.  On Singing Onstage.  (MT820 .C788 1990)
  • DeVenney, David P. The New Broadway Song Companion:  An Annotated Guide to Musical Theatre Literature by Voice Type and Song Style.  (ML128 .M78 D48 2009)
  • Hall, Karen.  So You Want to Sing Music Theater: a Guide for Professionals.  Rowman & Littlefield, 2014.  (MT956 .H34 2014)
  • Melton, Joan.  Singing in Musical Theatre:  The Training of Singing and Actors.  Alworth Press, 2007.  Available as an e-book
  •  Potter, John.  The Cambridge Companion to Singing.  (ML1460 .C288 2000)


  • Burgess, Thomas and Nicholas Skilbeck.  The Singing and Acting Handbook:  Games and Exercises for the Performer.  (MT 956 .D400 2000)
  • Craig, David.  On Performing:  A Handbook for Actors, Dancers, Singers on the Musical Stage.  (MT 956 .C7 1987)
  • Deer, Joe.  Acting in Musical Theatre:  A Comprehensive Course.  Routledge, 2016 (2nd edition 2016 on order as of November 2018; 2008 edition available as an e-book)
  • Lucha-Burns, Carol.  Musical Notes:  A Practical Guide to Staffing and Staging Standards of the American Musical Theatre.  (MT 955 .L8 1986)
  • Mudford, Peter.  Making Theatre:  From Text to Performance (2001).  Available as an e-book
  • Novak, Elaine Adams.  Performing in Musicals.  (MT955 .N7 1988)
  • Robison, Kevin.  The Actor Sings:  Discovering a Musical Voice for the Stage.  (MT 956 .R633 2000)


  • Alper, Steven M.  Next!:  Auditioning for the Musical Theatre.  (MT892 .A46 1995)
  • Berry, Denny.  Auditioning for Musical Theatre.  (MT 956 .B47 2019)
  • Flom, Jonathan.  Get the Callback:  The Art of Auditioning for Musical Theatre.  (MT956 .F56 2009; also as e-book)
  • Schwartzreich, Amy Rogers.  The Ultimate Musical Theater College Audition Guide.  (Oxford University Press, 2019; MT 956 .S4 2019)

  • Silver, Fred.  Auditioning for the Musical Theatre. (MT892 .S46 1988)
  • Smith, Lyndy Franklin.  Broadway Swings: Covering the Ensemble in Musical Theatre.  (MT956 .S65 2015)



For auditions, see the vocal scores, vocal selections, and anthologies listed on this guide.

If you’re looking for the score of a specific song, see the reference librarian.  Often a song won’t show up in an online catalog search, but we may have it in a vocal score or songbook, or we may be able to get a copy from another library.  If you’re not sure what show a song is from, try the index in volume 3 (pages 671-840) of A Chronology of American Musical Theater (REF ML 1711.8 .N300 N67 2002; note that this won’t work for musicals after 2001).  If that doesn’t work, ask the reference librarian.

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