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Secession and the CSA: PRIMARY SOURCES

CITATIONS from SABIN Americana

SABIN Americana Books, pamphlets, articles, etc.

NOTE:  The following are selected from hundreds of books, pamphlets, reports, etc. in SABIN Americana.  The SABIN database is provided by the Lewis Library and is accessed from GALILEO or from DATABASE tabs in LibGuides.  SABIN includes full-text of these sources.  The following citations represent only a sampling of the material available on "secession" and the CSA.  Conduct a search within SABIN Americana for specific and full information.



Constitution or Form of Government for the People of Florida, as revised and amended at a Convention of the people begun and holden at the city of Tallahassee on the third Day of January, A.D. 1861 Together with the Ordinances adopted by Said Convention.    [in SABIN Americana]


The Nebraska Question: Comprising speeches in the United States Senate by Mr. Douglas, Mr. Chase, Mr. Smith, Mr. Everett, Mr. Wade, Mr. Badger, Mr. Seward, and Mr. Sumner together with The History of the Missouri Compromise.  [In SABIN Americana]


Calhoun, John C.  Speeches of Hon. John C. Calhoun and Hon. Daniel Webster on the subject of slavery : In the Senate of the United States, March, 1850.  [In SABIN Americana]


Christian Anti-Slavery Convention (1850) : The Minutes of the Christian Anti-Slavery Convention : assembled April 17th-20th, 1850, Cincinnati, Ohio.  [In SABIN Americana]


Southern Rights and Co-operation Documents No. 7 : Speech of Mr. Memminger, Public Meeting of the Friends of Co-operation in the Cause of Southern Rights, held in Charleston, Sept. 23, 1851, for the purpose of nominating delegates to the Southern Congress.   [In SABIN Americana]


Perry, B.F. Speech of Hon. B.F. Perry, of Greenville district, delivered in the house of Representatives of South-Carolina, on the 11th December, 1850.  [In SABIN Americana]


Grayson, William J. Letter to His Excellency Whitemarsh B. Seabrook, Governor of the State of South Carolina on the Dissolution of the Union.  [In SABIN Americana]


Matlack, Lucius C.  The History of American Slavery and Methodism from 1780 to 1849 : and History of the Wesleyan Methodist connection of America.  New York, 1849.   [In SABIN Americana]


Rutledge.  Separate State Secession : Practically discussed in a series of articles. 1851.  [In SABIN Americana]


Union safety committee.. Selections from the speeches and writings of prominent men in the United States, on the subject of abolition and agitation, and in favor of the ... New-York, 1851. 68pp. Sabin Americana.


Goodell, William. Slavery and anti-slavery : a history of the great struggle in both hemispheres : with a view of the slavery question in the United States. New-York, 1852. 614pp. Sabin Americana


Cullom, William. Speech of Hon. Wm. Cullom, of Tennessee, on the Nebraska and Kansas bill, in the House of representatives, April 11, 1854. Washington, 1854. 12pp. Sabin Americana.


Christy, David. Cotton is king, or, The culture of cotton and its relation to agriculture, manufactures and commerce : and also to the free colored people of the ... 2nd ed., rev. and enl. New York, 1856. 298pp. Sabin Americana.


Stirling, James. Letters from the slave states. London, 1857. 385pp. Sabin Americana


Fielder, Herbert. The disunionist : a brief treatise upon the evils of the union between the North and the South, and the propriety of separation and the formation ... [n. p.], 1858. 72pp. Sabin Americana.


American Anti-Slavery Society. Annual report of the American Anti-Slavery Society : with the speeches delivered at the anniversary meeting. May 1, 1857-1858. New-York, 1859. 204pp. Sabin Americana.


De Bow, J. D. B. (James Dunwoody Brownson). The interest in slavery of the southern non-slaveholder : The right of peaceful secession. Slavery in the Bible. Charleston, 1860. 29pp. Sabin Americana.


Elliott, E. N.. Cotton is king, and pro-slavery arguments : comprising the writings of Hammond, Harper, Christy, Stringfellow, Hodge, Bledsoe, and Cartwright, on ... Augusta, Ga., 1860. 904pp. Sabin Americana.


Memminger, C. G. (Christopher Gustavus). The mission of South Carolina to Virginia. [Baltimore], [1860?]. 34pp. Sabin Americana.


Kettell, Thomas Prentice.. History of the great rebellion, from its commencement to its close, giving an account of its origin : the secession of the southern states, and ... Hartford, Conn.; Cincinnati, 1866. 846pp. Sabin Americana.


Botts, John Minor. Letters of John Minor Botts of Virginia on the Nebraska question. Washington [D.C.], 1853. 16pp. Sabin Americana.


Cochrane, John. Speech of Hon. John Cochrane, of New York, on the union and the Constitution : delivered in the House of representatives, December 20, 1859. [Washington], [1859]. 8pp. Sabin Americana.


Davis, Jefferson. Speeches of the Hon. Jefferson Davis, of Mississippi, delivered during the summer of 1858. Baltimore, 1859. 56pp. Sabin Americana.


Nelson, Thomas A. R. (Thomas Amos Rogers). The position of parties : speech of Hon. Thomas A.R. Nelson, of Tennessee, in the House of Representatives, December 6, 1859. Washington, D.C, [1859]. 8pp. Sabin Americana.


Craik, James. The Union : national and state sovereignty alike essential to American liberty : a discourse delivered in the hall of the House of ... Louisville, Ky, 1860. 34pp. Sabin Americana.


South Carolina. Convention (1860-1862). Declaration of the immediate causes which induce and justify the secession of South Carolina from the federal union : and the ordinance of ... Charleston, 1860. 12pp. Sabin Americana.


Townsend, John. The South alone, should govern the South : and African slavery should be controlled by those only, who are friendly to it. [Charleston, S.C.?], [1860]. 60pp. Sabin Americana.


Confederate States of America. Provisional Congress.. Acts and resolutions of the first session of the Provisional congress of the Confederate States, held at Montgomery, Ala. Richmond, 1861. 126pp. Sabin Americana.


Tennessee. Acts of the state of Tennessee passed at the ... session of the ... General Assembly. Volume 33. Nashville, Tenn., 1861. 245pp. 39 vols. Sabin Americana.


Anamnesis. The Civil War in America : its causes and objects. [S.l.], [1861?]. 9pp. Sabin Americana.


Benjamin, J. P. (Judah Philip). Speech of Hon. J.P. Benjamin, of Louisiana, on the right of secession : delivered in the Senate of the United States, Dec. 31, 1860. [Washington], [1861?]. 16pp. Sabin Americana.


Breckinridge, Robert J. (Robert Jefferson). Discourse of Dr. R. J. Breckinridge : delivered on the day of national humiliation, January 4, 1861, at Lexington, Ky. [Lexington? Ky.], [1861]. 23pp. Sabin Americana.


Cline, A. J.. Secession unmasked, or, An appeal from the madness of disunion to the sobriety of the Constitution and common sense. Washington, 1861. 15pp. Sabin Americana.


Nicholas, S. S. (Samuel Smith). South Carolina, disunion, and a Mississippi Valley confederacy. [Louisville, Ky.?], [1860?]. 16pp. Sabin Americana.


Proceedings of an Union meeting held in New York : an appeal to the South. New-York, 1860. 36pp. Sabin Americana.


Lyon, Theodoric C.. Do the times demand a Southern confederacy? : the constitutionality, rightfulness & expediency of secession. [Columbus, Miss.?], [1861]. 8pp. Sabin Americana.


Spence, James. The American union : its effect on national character and policy, with an inquiry into secession as a constitutional right, and the causes of the ... London, 1861. 380pp. Sabin Americana.


Bledsoe, Albert Taylor. Is Davis a traitor, or, Was secession a constitutional right previous to the war of 1861?. Baltimore, 1866. 270pp. Sabin Americana.

Kendall, Amos. Secession : letters of Amos Kendall : also, his letters to Colonel Orr and President Buchanan. Washington, 1861. 49pp. Sabin Americana

Kettell, Thomas Prentice.. History of the great rebellion, from its commencement to its close, giving an account of its origin : the secession of the southern states, and ... Hartford, Conn.; Cincinnati, 1866. 846pp. Sabin Americana

Appleton, Nathan. Letter to the Hon. Wm. C. Rives of Virginia on slavery and the Union. Boston, 1860. 17pp. Sabin Americana.

The campaign of 1860 : comprising the speeches of Abraham Lincoln, William H. Seward, Henry Wilson, Benjamin F. Wade, Carl Schurz, Charles Sumner, ... Albany, 1860. 278pp. Sabin Americana.

Craik, James. The Union : national and state sovereignty alike essential to American liberty : a discourse delivered in the hall of the House of ...Louisville, Ky, 1860. 34pp. Sabin Americana.

Cruger, Lewis.. Sovereign rights of the states : a reply to the consolidation and force doctrines of the Whigs, as set forth by the National intelligencer in ... Washington [D.C.], [1860?]. 10pp. Sabin Americana

South Carolina. Convention (1860-1862). Declaration of the immediate causes which induce and justify the secession of South Carolina from the federal union : and the ordinance of ... Charleston, 1860. 12pp. Sabin Americana

Selected Sources

Selected Print Sources

The Annals of America, Volume 8, 1850-1857: A House Dividing
E173 .A793 v.8

      Primary sources for each year 1850-1857.  
      SEE "Contents" for source listings for each year.

The Annals of America, Volume 9, 1858-1865: The Crisis of the Union
E173 .A793 v.9
      Primary sources for each year 1858-1865.  
      SEE "Contents" for source listings.  

West's Encyclopedia of American Law (Primary Documents)
REF KF154 .W477 2004 v.12

     NOTE:  Includes text for: Missouri Compromise; Wilmot Proviso; Compromise
                   of 1850; Kansas-Nebraska Act; Dred-Scott v. Sandford;
                   "A House Divided" speech; and the Emancipation Proclamation.

Selected Documents

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