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Travel (International): Working/Living Abroad

Working and Living Abroad Books

These books may help with moving abroad and working abroad:



       Culture Shock: A Handbook for 21st Century Business                       Culture Shock: Living and Working Abroad

                                   HD58.8 .M3465 2012                                                                       HF5382.55 .R33 2009



                                   How to Retire Overseas                                                How to Work in Someone Else's Country

                                         HQ1063 .P43 2011                                                                      HD6300 .S736 2011


                                 Kiss, Bow, or Shake Hands                                                            Living Abroad in Belize

                                         HF5389 .M67 2006                                                                       F1443.5 .D39 2012



                           Moving Abroad: One Step at a Time                                             Preparing for your Move Abroad

                                        HF5382 .S288 2013                                                                         TX307 .H37 2012



                                 Transitions Across Cultures                                With Respect to the Japanese: Going to Work in Japan    

                                         HF5382 .J644 2013                                                                         DS8721 .C633 2010



                                                                       Work Your Way Around the World

                                                                                   HF5382.55 .G75 2011

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