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Tutoring Center: Citation Guide

This guide contains hours and contact information for the Tutoring Center.

Citation Manuals

Use the call number below each book to find these style manuals in your library's reference collection OR click on the book or book title for an online style guide for each book!

Choosing a Style

There is no one standard citation style used at LaGrange College, so be sure to:

  • Ask your professor which style s/he prefers for the course.
  • Consult a style guide for examples of using various citation styles to create in-text citations, bibliographies and reference lists, or use a citation site to assist you in using correct citation style and building bibliographies. (Be sure to proof-read citations generated with online sites in case of errors.)
  • Use a standard style, such as MLA, APA, or CMS and be consistent with it throughout your paper.   
  • Ask for citation and paper-writing assistance at the Writing and Tutoring Center located in the Moshell Learning Center (24-hour study). Find Citation Guide Handouts in the 24-hour study:
    • The APA Style Guide is Power Handout #17. 
    • The MLA Style Guide is Power Handout #18.

Style Guides to Consult

Academic organizations and some disciplines outline their own styles of how to cite sources and format research papers.  You may have heard of or used some of the styles before.   

Consult these print and online style guides for examples of citing sources in the text of your paper and in a bibliography or reference list. 

MLA: Modern Language Association [Humanities]

 APA: American Psychological Association [Social Sciences]

 CMS: Chicago Manual of Style [various subjects]

 ACS: American Chemical Society

  • ACS Style Guide - Lewis Library Reference REF QD8.5 .A25 2006, and Stacks QD8.5 .A25 2006
  • ACS Style Guidelines (online from UW-Madison Libraries, providing examples for citing references in the text and the bibliography of a research paper)

     NLM: National Library of Medicine or AMA: American Medical Association

    Various styles - the following resources provide examples of citing sources in several styles

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