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An online research guide for students majoring in or taking courses in Sociology at LaGrange College.

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A Subject search matches with a list of Library of Congress Subject Headings.

Here are some examples of useful subject terms in the social sciences:

  • Equality 

  • Ethnic Relations 

  • Social Structure 

  • Sociology 

  • Women - Sociological aspects 

  • Applied sociology

  • Crime--Sociological aspects
  • Educational sociology
  • Household surveys
  • Individualism
  • Information society
  • Poor
  • Poverty
  • Religion and sociology
  • Social problems
  • Sociology, Urban

If you are unsure of the exact title or unsure of the correct Library of Congress subject heading, try a KEYWORD search using two or three of the most significant words from the title or subject you are trying to find.  

Click HERE to watch library video tutorials about searching the library catalog by keyword, subject, and more.

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