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Religion: Books, E-books, DVDs

An online guide for Religion with information, links and tips for library resources.

Where are Religion Books?

Religion books are shelved in the B's according to call number, arranged according to subject, for example:

BM   Judaism

BP    Islam

BQ    Buddhism

BR    Christianity

BS    The Bible

BX    Christian denominations (e.g., Methodism in BX 8201 - BX 8495)

For a fuller breakdown, see this document.

Browsing on the shelves in the relevant area often helps you find what you need; but be sure also to use the online catalog, since we have many e-books.

Search the Library Catalog

Use the online catalog to find books, e-books, DVDs, and CDs.

If you want Bible commentaries, see this page.

To find books about a person, type the name in the "Subject" box. For common Biblical names, such as Mary and John, determine the subject heading (e.g. "Mary, Blessed Virgin, Saint"; "John the Baptist, Saint"; "John the Apostle, Saint"). If you're not sure how to determine the subject heading, ask a librarian or see this guide.

Similarly, determine the subject heading for topics you're researching; for example, the Library of Congress subject heading for the Qur'an is "Koran."

You can search for multiple forms of a word by using a truncations symbol; Methodis$ in the online catalog will retrieve "Methodist," "Methodists," "Methodism," etc.

Where are the DVDs?

DVDs are on the upper level; you'll find DVDs on religion in the DVD BL to DVD BX area. All our DVDs are in the online catalog. You can restrict your search to DVDs by using the pull-down menu for "Location":

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