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M.A.T. Graduate Education Research Guide: Tests & Measurements

An online guide to library resources to support students enrolled in the M.A.T. Education program at LaGrange College.

Assessment Resources

Use the following resources to locate specific tests for assessment.

NOTE: Tests in Print is just an index. You must go to Mental Measurements Yearbook for evaluation of tests.

Sources for information about individual tests:

Tests in Print & Mental Measurements Yearbook (Buros Institute of the University of Nebraska)

Library has print copy of Tests in Print VII    (call number is Ref Z5814 .E9 B82 2011) which indexes the first 16 editions of Mental Measurements Yearbook and gives descriptive information about tests.  Not all tests listed in Tests in Print are reviewed in MMY.  Use the latest edition of Tests in Print (2011).   Example of reference: see 8:471 (8 refers to 8th edition of MMY, 471 refers to test number 471.)  Tests are listed alphabetically in each MMY edition.  A reference of T5 refers to the 5th edition of Tests in Print. 

**  Website address for free “version” of  Tests in Print (covers 9th edition of MM Yearbooks through current 18th edition yearbook :


This website is also listed in LaGrange College’s Galileo database A-Z list.

Remember the library has editions of the Mental Measurements Yearbook through the 18th – once you get the reference to the test review from the online source, go to the library copy for the actual review (don’t spend $15 to order the review!).  Reviews may also contain the reviewer’s references which are usually helpful. 

Call number for Mental Measurements Yearbook is Ref  Z5814 .P8 B91 – the library has the 3rd-18th editions in the Reference section,  on the main floor.

Mental Measurements Yearbook reviews a test when it is first issued or when it is revised.  A test must be commercially available and published with “adequate documentation” to qualify for a MMY review.   Some tests that are not reviewed by MMY do have a listing, with references, in a print edition of Tests in Print (but not in the online version). 

Tests that are specific to a particular state are often not covered by MMY although the “parent”  test on which a state version is based probably has been reviewed.


  • ERIC and PsycInfo (GALILEO databases)
    • Also use the Journal Locator, another GALILEO database, to locate journal references that you may find in MMY or Tests in Print
  • Online Catalog   
    • General subject heading is “Educational tests and measurements”
    • Can look for individual tests using a keyword search
  • Reference Books  (Ex: Encyclopedia of Education)  


Have Questions?

Email librarians at refdesk@lagrange.edu if you have any questions.

Coming Soon!

Coming soon... electronic delivery of Mental Measurement Yearbook entries. Check back for more updates.

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