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Education Guide for Undergraduates: Finding Articles

An online research guide for undergraduate students majoring in early childhood or middle grades education at LaGrange College.

ERIC Database Tutorial


Advanced Search Tutorial

ERIC (Education Resource Information Center) is co-ordinated by the U.S. Department of Education. It is available in three different versions through the library but using the Ebscohost version will give you the best access to the library’s full text journal holdings within the database. Use the online or print thesaurus (REF Z695.1 .E300 E34 2001) to identify the best search terms (There is a great tutorial video for using the Thesaurus in ERIC on this page).

Use the Thesaurus!

Use the Thesaurus in ERIC or the one in your library's reference collection to find more search terms.

Thesaurus of ERIC descriptors:

  • Descriptors are the controlled vocabulary for the database  -- similar to the subject headings in the online catalog
  • Default searching searches all fields for your  search term (author, title, descriptors, keywords, and full text of the abstract)
Watch this 3 minute tutorial on using the Thesaurus in ERIC:

Thesaurus Tutorial

Finding Articles

Use the links below to access recommended databases for searching Education related articles. The best source of full text scholarly articles in the field of education is the database: Education Source. 

Pathfinder: Full-text Printable Handout

View, download or print the following handout to assist you in finding full-text articles:

In the Library

The most current NCTM math journals are available electronically through the Journal Locater database.  Some older issues are in the print journal collection.

What to look for:

A peer reviewed research study normally includes: 

nInfo on author(s) :
   credentials &/or affiliations
nLiterature review
nMethod of inquiry /
  Method of data collection
nResults of study
nDiscussion of results
nCharts and graphs
nConclusion :
   Use of Results or Implications
   for Future Research
nReferences (usually lengthy)

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