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HIST 1101: World Civilization I (To-1660): Maps & Images

An online research guide for students enrolled in World Civilization 1 at LaGrange College. Features recommended resources and tips for accessing library materials related to this course.

Finding Maps & Images

You may need to consult images and maps for this course.

Use the links on this page to assist you in finding appropriate images and maps to support your coursework, papers and presentations. 

Fun Links: "Strange Maps"

Check out the following links to the Strange Maps blog and a couple of select blog posts to read about some of the strangest maps out there, and possibly find something unique for your assignment or presentation:

Citing Maps & Images

Don't forget to cite the images you use!

Did you know that using just any image you find online could be a violation of copyright? It's true, even if it's for education purposes. 

To avoid being in violation of copyright laws, be sure to always give attribution to the source (URL and/or creator's name) when using an image or map.

For more information on copyright laws, fair use, and public domain images, consult this COPYRIGHT GUIDE.

Recommended Places to Search for Maps & Images

Images from Korea

These images may be helpful to you when creating presentations. All of these images were found using Wikimedia Commons. Click on the title (above each map) to view it online on Wikimedia, learn more about it, and to use it:

WORLD MAP from 1627

Old Chinese WORLD MAP from 1418

Mappamondo Beato di Liebana, del XII secolo conservato Torino, Biblioteca Nazionale Universitaria

Ptolemy World Map from 1467 (in Latin)

Nuremberg Chronicles Map from 1493 (in Latin)

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