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Colonial Latin American History: Books, E-books, DVDs

A library resource guide designed specifically for students taking the Colonial Latin American History course at LaGrange College.

In the Stacks

When browsing in the stacks, look for items on the shelf close to the following suggested books:

Search the Library Catalog!

Lewis Library Catalog



There are many ways to search the library's catalog online!


  • You may search for books from the LIBRARY CATALOG link located on Lewis Library's Homepage.
  • Once you have selected a book, write down the call number (i.e. TR 15 .R57 2007) and search in the stacks by browsing call numbers.
  • Remember to look at the books near the book you are looking for if you need more than one. Books are grouped together by subject!
  • Books can be checked out at the circulation desk on the main floor. Remember, reference books are for in-library use only!


  • When searching for E-books for this course, go to the LIBRARY CATALOG
  • Then, LIMIT your search to the location "E-Book" to retrieve electronic books only.

Selected Books

Selected Books in the Stacks:

  • A Companion to Latin American History  
    • F1410 .C727 2008
  • Art of Colonial Latin America  
    • N6502.2 .B35 2005
  • Colonial Latin America 5th ed. 
    • F1412 . B96 2003
  • Latin American Civilization : History and Society, 1492 to the present 
    • F1408.3 .L274 2000
  • Resilient Cultures : America’s Native Peoples Confront European Colonization, 1500-1800 
    • E59 .G6 K53 2003
  • Slaves, Subjects, and Subversives : Blacks in Colonial Latin America   
    • F1419 .N4 S53 2006
  • The Women of Colonial Latin America  
    • HQ1460.5 .S644 2000
  • The Cambridge History of Latin America
    • REF F1410 .C1834 1984 v.1
  • The Cambridge History of Latin America
    • REF F1410 .C1834 1984 v.2
  • The Incas: a bibliography of books and periodical articles
    • Z1210 .I53 W45 1987
  • The Aztecs: a bibliography of books and periodical articles
    • Z1210 .A9 W45 1987
  • Annals of His Time: Don Domingo de San Anton Munon Chimalpahin Quauhtlehuanitzin
    • F1219.54 .A98 C45 2006
  • Inca Religion & Customs by Father Bernabe Cobo
    • F3429 .C582 I3 1990
  • Chronicle of Colonial Lima: The diary of Josephe and Francisco Mugaburu, 1640-1697.
    • F3444 .M8813 1975

Most books in the stacks related to Colonial Latin America will be located on the bottom (1st) floor of Lewis Library. Most call numbers for items related to your subject begin with the letter E and F. Other books, such as art books and oversized books, may be shelved on the top (3rd) floor of the library.

Selected E-Books

The library’s catalog provides access to e-books in our collections. It is possible to conduct a search of the Catalog and limit your search to the location, “EBook,” to retrieve only results for e-books. You will want to use quotes around a phrase, e.g. “Colonial Latin America” so that the database will look for the entire phrase.

Selected e-books that you may wish to consult in exploring topics might include:

  • Americanos : Latin America’s struggle for independence
  • An Atlas and Survey of Latin American History
  • The Colonial Spanish-American City : urban life in the age of Atlantic capitalism
  • Enlightened Reform in Southern Europe and its Atlantic Colonies c. 1750-1830
  • Mapping Colonial Spanish America : places and commonplaces of identity, culture, and experience.
  • Latin American Independence
  • The Countryside in Colonial Latin America
  • African Slavery in Latin America and the Caribbean

Selected DVDs

The following items are all located on the top (3rd) floor of Lewis Library in the DVDs section.

  • The Royal Hunt of the Sun
    • DVD PN1997 .R755 2005   (motion picture)
  • Simon Bolivar : the liberator
    • F2235.3 .S542 2005
  • Historical South America : an aerial perspective
    • DVD DT14 .A411 2004
  • Historical Time Travel : lifestyles in South America
    • DVD F2224 .H633 2004
  • Mission
    • DVD PN1997 .M578 2003  (motion picture)
  • Brazil Revealed
    • DVD F2513 .B738
  • In the Shadow of the Incas
    • DVD F3429 .I588 2004
  • Columbus : the lost voyage
    • DVD E118 .C65 2008
  • Lost Worlds : Palenque
    • DVD F1435.1 .L67 2005
  • La otra conquista (The Conquest)
    • DVD PN1997.9 .O873 (motion picture)
  • El palacio de Cortez
    • DVD F1229.7 .P34
  • Mexico : a story of courage and conquest
    • DVD F1226 .M495 2007
  • Cinco de Mayo
    • DVD GT4995 .C5 C56 2006 
  • The Conquerors.  Cortes : conqueror of Mexico
    • DVD F1230 .C69 2008
  • The Aztec Empire
    • DVD F1219.73 .A98 2005
  • Teotihuacan : the city of the gods
    • DVD F1219 .T477 2001

Recommended DVDs

When browsing for videos, look for items on the shelf close to the following suggested DVDs:


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