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Cornerstone: Self Care

Guide for Students in Freshman Cornerstone


You are just as important as your education. Remember to take care of yourself!

National Suicide Prevention                                       Trevor Lifeline
1-800-273-8255 (TALK)                                                1-866-488-7386
Trevor Text (Chat)

What is Self Care?

Self-Care is:

  • Realizing that you are important, and what you have to say matters.
  • Prioritizing your mental, health
  • Prioritizing your physical health
  • Prioritizing your emotional health

Stress Relief Videos

21 Ways to Self-Care



Check out College Magazine's 21 Easy Ways to Practice Self Care


Mental Health & College Students

The College Student Mental Health Crisis

"Mental health issues are on the rise on college campuses across the country. Better and accessible screening as well as earlier diagnosis of mental health conditions are critical to getting quality treatment and improving one's quality of life. This has allowed more students with mental health conditions to go on to college and be successful."



Creating yourself in college: The importance of keeping self-care a priority

"As a college student, you probably have heard something along the lines of this, quite a few times: “College is about finding yourself.” Though it seems cliche and cheesy, we have all heard this phrase uttered to us at some point in our lives. Throughout our college careers, we are constantly reminded that college is where we truly begin developing into adults."

Self Care and Wellness: Taking Care of Yourself So You Can Be Your Best

"Self care is a vital part of maintaining good health and a vibrant life. It’s a way of living that incorporates behaviors that help you to be refreshed, replenish your personal motivation, and grow as a person."


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