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Greco-Roman History: Loeb Editions

This is an online guide designed specifically for history students enrolled in Greco-Roman History at LaGrange College.

Loeb Editions

Loeb editions provide translations of ancient Greek and Roman authors, including historians, and are valuable primary sources.  For example, Julius Caesar's Gallic Wars and Civil War are his own accounts of the wars he waged as general, and a letter by Pliny is our only eyewitness account of the eruption of Mount Vesuvius that buried Pompeii in A.D. 79. 


These editions have English translations, along with the original Greek or Latin on the facing page.


Most of the Greek volumes have call numbers beginning PA 3612 (with authors in alphabetical order);  most Latin volumes are in the PA 6156 area.  Exceptions for Lewis Library are indicated on this guide.

Greek Authors

Aeschylus (2 volumes)

Apostolic Fathers (2 vols.)

Aristophanes (4 vols.)

Aristotle (Poetics; Longinus; Demetrius)

Dio Cassius (9 vols.) (PA 3947 .A2 1970)

Diogenes Laertius (2 vols.)

Euripides (9 vols., different editions)

Eusebius (2 vols.)

Greek Anthology (5 vols.)

Greek Elegiac Poetry (PA 3623 .E44 G75 1999)

Greek Bucolic Poets

Herodotus (4 vols.)

Hesiod (Theogony, Works and Days) (PA 4009 .A25 2006)

Homer, Iliad (2 vols.)

Homer, Odyssey (2 vols.)

Josephus, 13 vols.

Julian, 3 vols.

Marcus Aurelius (PA 3939 .A2 1994)

Philo (10 vols. & 2 Supplements)

Philostratus:  Heroicus, Gymnasticus, Discourses 1 and 2 (on order)

Plato (12 vols.)

Plutarch (16 vols., vol. 13 in 2 parts) (PA 4368 .A2 M73)

Polybius (6 vols.)

Sophocles (3 vols.)

Thucydides (4 vol.) (PA4452 .A2 1980)

Roman Authors

Apuleius (Metamorphoses/The Golden Ass, PA 6209 .M3 H36 1989, 2 volumes; Apologia, Florida, De deo Socratis, PA 6207 .A3 J66 2017 )

St. Augustine:  Confessions (2 volumes), City of God (7 vols.), Letters (1 vol.)

Bede, Ecclesiastical History (2 volumes)


Caesar (3 vols.:   Gallic WarsCivil WarsAlexandrian, Spanish & African Wars)

Catullus & Tibullus

Cicero (29 volumes, see below for details)

Horace (2 vol.:  Odes & EpodesSatires & Epistles)

Juvenal and Persius (PA 6447 .E5 B28 2004)                            

Livy (14 vols.) (PA 6452 .G452 A2 1957)     


Martial (3 vols., PA 6502 .B35 1993)

Ovid (6 vols.; vol. I Heroides & Amores; II Art of Love &c; III-IV, Metamorphoses;Fasti;  VI Tristia)

Petronius (also includes Apococlocyntosis)

Plautus (5 vol.) (2 sets; more recent edition PA 6569 .M45 2011)

Pliny, Letters (2 vols., 2 copies, different editions)


Quintilian (4 vol.)

Remains of Old Latin (vol. 2, Lucilius & The Twelve Tables)


Scriptores Historiae Augustae (3 vols., DG274 .S37)

Select Letters of St. Jerome (BR1720 .J5 A4 1933)

Seneca:  Moral Essays (3 vols.)

Silius Italicus (2 vols.)

Suetonius (2 vols.)

Tacitus (5 vols.)

Terence (2 vol., 2 copies)


Valerius Maximus (2 vols.) (PA6791 .V6 A26 2000)

Velleius Paterculus & Res Gestae Divi Augusti

Vergil (2 vols.)                     

Minor Latin Poets

Volumes of Cicero

Ad Herennium

Brutus & Orator

De finibus (On Ends)

De inventione, De optimo genere oratorum, Topica

De natura deorum etc.

De officiis (PA 6296 .D5 1947a)

De oratore (2 vols., PA 6307 .D24 1942)

De re publica

De senectute, etc. (Storage, PA 6126 .C5 A2 1946)

Tusculan Disputations



Letters to Atticus (4 vols.)

Letters to His Friends (3 vols.)

Letters to Quintus, etc.



Pro Quinctio etc,

Verrine Orations (2 vols.)

Pro Lege Manilia, etc.

In Catilinam etc.

Pro Archia etc.

Pro Sestio, In Vatinium

Pro Caelio, etc.

Pro Milone, etc.

Philippics (speeches against Mark Antony)



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