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Tutoring Center: Tutoring Center

This guide contains hours and contact information for the Tutoring Center.

Meet the Tutors

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Welcome to the LaGrange College Tutoring Center LibGuide!

The LaGrange College Tutoring Center is a place where students of all levels and abilities across the curriculum can work with their peers to improve their academic work. Designed to provide individualized service to students, our facility is available to anyone who wishes to engage in constructive discussions about all academic subjects. Our tutors strive to help their peers prepare for tests, work on homework and other assignments, and feel more confident in their grasp of their coursework. The Tutoring Center is another way that LaGrange College is challenging the mind and inspiring the soul.

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Writing Center

Looking for the Writing Center?

The LaGrange College Writing Center is located on the lowest floor of Lewis Library. The Writing Center's peer consultants pride themselves on being informed readers and responders to writing from all disciplines and writers of all levels at any stage of the writing process. Consultations average 30 minutes and are focused on helping writers clarify their purposes, organize their evidence, and achieve their writing and research goals. The Writing Center also hosts workshops and group conferences to help students edit and proofread their own papers, conduct research, and share their ideas with real audiences.

For more information on the Writing Center, please visit the Writing Center LibGuide or the Writing Center's Webpage!

Inside Moshell Learning Center

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