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History of Russia: Home

A research guide for students of Russian History.

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  • Start with print or electronic reference sources.
  • Obtain background information on topics.
  • Identify terms, people, places, and events associated with topics.
  • Identify qualified sources from bibliographies at the end of articles.
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Selected Library of Congress Subject Headings

Russia History 1613-1917

Russia History Alexander I, 1801-1825

Russia History Alexander II, 1855-1881

Russia History Catherine II, 1762-1796

Russia History February Revolution, 1917

Russia History Ivan IV, 1533-1584

Russia History, Military

Russia History Nationalism

Russia History Nicholas II, 1894-1917

Russia History Period of Consolidation, 1462-1605

Russia History Peter I, 1689-1725

Russia History Revolution, 1905-1907

Russia History Time of Troubles, 1598-1613

Russia World War 1914-1918

Welcome Russian History Students!

This Research Guide provides a central portal from which to research topics in Russian History. 

(Kremlin from Wikipedia Commons)

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