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Reference : Your first stop for research

Use print and electronic reference sources for background information and to identify terms associated with a topic.

Reference Print Titles for Europe 1870-Present

The History In Dispute volumes represent an excellent source for obtaining both "pro" and "con" on a given topic.  These volumes can be an excellent beginning point for exploring a possible topic for a paper.

Reference Sources

The following are selected Reference titles located in the Reference Collection on the Main Level of the library.  Don't hesitate to request assistance from a librarian.

Research Guide to European Historical Biography
REF CT214 .R49 1992 v.1-8 

The first four volumes cover explorers, monarchs, heads of state, diplomats, political and military leaders, and social reformers.  

The second four volumes cover scientists, philosophers, political theorists, theologians, popes, artists, writers, and musicians.  Especially valuable are the "Overview of Biographical Sources" and the "Evaluation of Principal Biographical Sources."  This work can be good starting point for research on a bioghraphical subject and can help you identify both primary and secondary sources.

International Historical Statistics : Europe, 1750-2000 
REF HA1107 .M500 2003     

Encyclopedia of European Social History from 1350 to 2000
EF HN 373 .E633 2000 v.1-6  2001   

Documents of German History
REF DD3 .S55 1975    

The Encyclopedia of World War I : A political, social, and military history
REF D510 .E53 2005  

              “This encyclopedia treats the causes, course, and effects of World War I."  
               Volumes I-IV contain the entries with each volume having a list of maps.
               Volume V contains documents related to World War I beginning with
               World War I documents up to 1913 through World War I Documents
               1920 onward. A list of documents is found on pages vii-xii and a
               cumulative index is found on pages 1643-1661.

REF DA28 .D577   Oxford Dictionary of National Biography
             This 60-volume work is the definitive collection of biographies for
             Great Britain and its former colonies.



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  • NOTE: for more information on Subject Headings, use the Subject Headings Guide HERE to learn more.

Search Tips

To find primary sources it is often useful to do a subject search and include the word, "sources." For example:  "Germany History Sources."

It is also useful to sometimes do a word or phrase search and then scan the results for a title that seems to closely match your topic.  Then, view the catalog record -- particularly the subject headings that are attached to that record.  Subject headings in the library catalog act as links.  Just click on a subject heading to find more books or other items of a similar nature.

Bibliographies are often at the end of articles and books.  When they have been compiled by an author in the course of writing his/her work they often represent qualified sources that may be useful to you.  Identifying works that have been cited by other authors and consulting those sources can strengthen the quality of your research.  

SEE references and SEE ALSO references can also be very helpful in both narrowing and broadening your search for information.

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